Slicers are similar to electric knives. Slicer consists of the disk knife which diameter can fluctuate from 2 cm to 3 cm; a special tray which move product to a rotating knife; regulator of cutting thickness. They are applied to fast cutting of various products, beginning from bread, vegetables, firm cheese, different types of sausages and finishing with fish and meat. There are different models of slicer – for bread the knife saw is used; for cheese the knife with a teflon covering that soft cheese which allows not to stick to a knife; for fish and meat the special floating carriage for piece giving at an angle to a knife is used.

Slicers are subdivided into the manual; machine gun and semiautomatic devices. There are models of slicers with the built-in sharpener in the unit, there are such universal which can cut a product directly on a plate, instead of doing this on the pallet.

Slicers are the real finding for professional kitchen, and also for food and cookery shops.


Model External View Characteristics Price
SlicerAltezoro NHY-275 GA1 Slicer Altezoro NHY-275 GA1 Knife diameter 275mm, cutting thickness from 0,2 up to 15mm. Unit is made of anodized aluminium floating. Integrated sharpener. Weight 21,5 kg. Total dimensions 615x525x510 mm. Power 0,25 kW/229 W. 391$
Knife for slicer NHY-275 GA1 BLADE 275 52$
Knife for slicer NHY-275 GA1 BLADE 300 58$