Meat Grinders

Industrial meat grinders are used in professional kitchens for fast receiving large volume of forcemeat. In a professional meat grinder it is possible to prepare meat and fish forcemeat, to cut or rub by means of special graters vegetables without problems.

Important difference of the real industrial meat grinder is high efficiency, such meat grinder can overwork to 300 kg of forcemeat per hour! And all this besides that it is quite unpretentious in cleaning, doesn’t take a lot of place, and also can work for a long time, performing the work at the same high level.

That fact that professional electric meat grinder can be picked up a large number of knifes, nozzles and graters makes it even more useful and functional.

Meat grinders of Altezoro company, the Chinese producer of the equipment are presented on our portal:


Model External View Characteristics Price
Meat grinder  Altezoro NS-12 TA2 Meat grinder Altezoro NS-12 TA2 Electric professional meat grinder, max workload 120 kg/h, 1 knife, 1 holeplate. Total dimensions 540x320x400mm. Power 0,75 kW/220 W 391$
Meat grinder Altezoro NS-22 GA1 Meat grinder Altezoro NS-22 GA1 Unit is made of corten steel. Workload is no more than 300 kg/h. Function ‘reverse’. Full UNGER, complete set: hook, carved holeplate, 2 holeplates with holes 10/6 mm and 2 both-way knives. Net weight 25 kg. Total dimensions 602x262x454mm. Power 1,1 kW/220 W 460$
Knife for meat mincer NS-12 TA2 BLADE 12  
Knife for meat mincer NS-22 GA1 BLADE 22