Professional juicers differ from household in capacity, durability and high efficiency, they are made of qualitative materials as they are constantly in working process whole the time. The unit is made of plastic or aluminum, and as for internal parts – food corten steel. Universal juicers process any vegetables, fruit, berries and even greens and herbs. There are juicers especially used for a citrus. They differ from universal in the way of expression the juice.

Professional juicers, as a rule, are large-sized but there are also more compact, depending on model.

Model External View Characteristics Price
Electric Juicer  Altezoro KZ/CL/G 10000 Electric Juicer Altezoro KZ/CL/G 10000  Case – stainless steel, lid – aluminum, stainless steel strainer, tank waste – plastic. 2800 r / min, the productivity of 120/140 kg / h. Noise level – 79 dB. Total dimensions 280x340x500 mm. Power 0,75kW/220W 1058$