Freezer is some kind of mixer or blender which is used for making ice-cream, yogurt from ice-cream, and also milkshakes. Work principle of the freezer is mixing of various components, further saturation of the received weight by oxygen, and then freezing of this weight to minus temperature from 4°С to 8°С.

The structure of the freezer includes cylinders, possibility of simultaneous preparation of several types of ice-cream depends on their quantity. Productivity the freezer depends on the volume of each cylinder, for example, the smallest freezer can make 1 kg of ice-cream in 30 minutes, and the big freezer can prepare 50 kg of ice-cream per 1 hour. The ready products can be stored in cylinders where all it was mixed, or in special demountable containers.

There are desktop and floor freezers; for soft and firm ice-cream, and also there are freezers equipped with a pomp for obtaining lightness and product ease.

Model External View Characteristics Price
Freezer Altezoro HP/168/YJ Freezer Altezoro HP/168/YJ Top table for 1 cone, 1 kind of ice-cream. Productivity 12-16l/h. Stainless steel bunker 7 litres, 1 compressor, air cooling. Refrigerant R22. Weight 90kg. Total dimensions 480x685x800 mm. Power 1,1kW/220V 1093$
Freezer Altezoro HP/208/Y Freezer Altezoro HP/200/Y Top table for 3 cones, 2 kinds of ice-cream +1 mixed. Productivity 20-25l/h. 2 Stainless steel bunkers 5,8 litres, air cooling. Refrigerant R22. Weight 98kg. Total dimensions 540x665x790 mm. Power 2,2 kW/220V 3194?
FreezerAltezoro HP/328/IX Freezer Altezoro HP/328/IX Floor table for 3 cones, 2 kinds of ice-cream +1 mixed. Productivity 30-36 l/h. 2 Stainless steel bunkers 7,2 litres, air cooling, 2 compressors. Refrigerant R134A/R22. Weight 190 kg. Total dimensions 570x725x1395 mm. Power 2,86 kW/220V. 2415$