Crepe Makers

Crepe maker or electric crepe maker is convenient and irreplaceable tool during preparation of pancakes in kitchen of cafe, restaurant or a dining room. Crepe maker is a roundish frying surface of various diameters with the nonstick covering, more often made of stainless steel or cast iron. Crepe maker can be both electric and gas.

It is necessary to note the functionality of the crepe makers. There are models which allow to bake one or several pancakes at the same time.

Due to the simplicity and convenience, a crepe makers can be used in any kitchen – as in kitchen fast food cafe, and in big solid restaurant. Only one person is needed for work who will oil the frying surface, fill dough on it dough, level, overturn and remove already ready pancakes.

Crepe makers of Altezoro company, the Chinese producer of the equipment are presented on our portal:


Model External view Characteristics Price
Electric Crepe Maker KZ/PK/1-1 ЭElectric Crepe Maker KZ/PK/2-1 Crepe maker 1-posted, diameter of working surface is 400 mm. Total dimensions 490х450х235mm. Power 3 kW/220 V 207$
Electric Crepe Maker
Electric Crepe Maker KZ/PK/2-1 Crepe maker 2-posted, diameter of working surface is 400х2 mm. Total dimensions 860х485х240mm. Power 6 kW/220 V 442$