Bread Slicers

Bread is king! There were invented industrial bread slicers for convenience and comfort life of modern people.

Bread slicer construction can include up to thirty steel knives. There are models of bread slicers which can slice, cubes or bar, the thickness of cutting which fluctuates from 0,5 cm to 2 see, thus can be regulated. Productivity of bread slicers is very high, making about 400-500 loaves per hour. It is possible to cut the whole long loaf at a time but if a submitting tray for bread is wide, it is possible to cut some long loaves for one approach.

The main advantages of bread slicers that they are safe because all knives are hidden in the unit, and also non-waste and accurate work. High speed, rapidity and quality of bread slicing, and even very soft and fresh has great importance. One person will absolutely manage to do such work. It’s task is to load bread on submitting tray, to shut densely a cover and to press the start-up button.

Model External View Characteristics Price
Bread Slicer  Altezoro W31 Хлеборезка Altezoro W31 31 knives, distance between the knives – 12mm. Bread moves self-flowing under the influence of weight. Power 0,25 kW, weight 48 kg, total dimensions 650x740x780mm, voltage 220V/50Hz. 1012$