About Company

 Altezoro Company collected under it’s brand the high-quality equipment for the food and trade industry, made at 19 factories located in China. Key components of the equipment are made by the best European and global manufacturers what is evident due to their own quality assurance. Optimized assembly costs and manufacturing of accessories at the Chinese factories allow to offer the client the reliable equipment with the long term of operation certified by an official factory guarantee for reasonable prices.

Altezoro Company puts in the near future very difficult problem – to win the CIS market.

The Altezoro company is honest with the clients and openly reports that the equipment is made in China, without following the lead of the majority of the companies which are thinking out the European origin of the production. After all image of the Altezoro company is made not by labels, quality and possibility to justify trust of the buyers. The Altezoro company has every chance to destroy myths about low quality of the Chinese equipment. China is one of the most hi-tech countries of the world, and, certainly, it is easy for separate Chinese factories let out the qualitative goods if necessary. For many years of work in this sphere we selected from tens factories and plants such producers – for whom positive image among clients and contracts on constant orders are more important than the bulk single selling.

Altezoro Company has already opened offices in Slovakia (Kosice) and Ukraine (Kiev). Understanding specifics of the market, Altezoro Company doesn’t stand on one place and constantly expands the range of the production, improves logistic systems of deliveries and service according to actual needs of final buyers and dealers.

Information about the equipment, is placed on the website and other advertizing carriers describes qualities and advantages of the goods, indicators of its productivity, reliability, duration of work. The Altezoro company describes not only these characteristics, but confirms them with the relevant documents. Altezoro Company along with the international certificates applies own system of an assessment of quality and fault tolerance of the equipment. Besides that the powerful proof of positive characteristics are opinions of buyers – both dealers, and final clients, all who are interested in reliability and low cost of these goods. Already now they are both in Ukraine, and in Belarus. So, for example, in confectionery shops the confectionery equipment can be used for 20 hours per day, successfully consulting with the tasks still now, without having demanded unplanned repairs and maintenance.

Altezoro Company directly provides not less than a year of a technical guarantee on the brand equipment. Thus on separate accessories, for example on refrigerating compressor of the European production, the guarantee on 3 years extends. Also the real guarantee on all our equipment is the same.

The great demand noted at specialized exhibitions on the equipment of Altezoro quite recently declared in the East Europe market, and impressive sales volumes of the equipment of this brand are, probably, the best confirmation of the optimal ratio price/quality.

We will be glad to see you among our clients and dealers.